Becoming a referee is a fairly simple process. Buy a uniform and a whistle, go to a rules review session and get your first assignment. But of course refereeing is not that easy. The SABO TRAINING SESSIONS can make a big difference whether you are a beginner or an experienced referee who wants to improve their skills.


Step 1 – Register

All referees who wish to be assigned games by SABO need to attend a SABO Administrative and Information meeting. Because referees are individual subcontractors, each registrant would fill out three documents:

1. Conditions for Officiating – referee agrees to SABO stipulations
2. W9 – for tax purposes
3. Background Check Form – all referees must pass a background check

Step 2 – Training

SABO will then host three training sessions that will provide rules knowledge and the ability to apply the rules as well as on court training.

• Session 1 – Rules/Signals/Positioning/Floor Mechanics

• Session 2 – Traveling/Dribbling/Block/Charge/Verticality

• Session 3 – Rules Review, Game Management

Step 3 – Scrimmages

SABO will then schedule scrimmages with recreation and school teams so referees can practice their skills with actual on court action with experienced referees there to provide help and feedback.

Step 4 – Get Assignments & Referee

Referees would turn in available dates and be offered games that the assigner believes the referee can successfully handle.